Alastair Humphreys has cycled round the world for 4 years and has completed numerous other adventures

Peter Gostelow set off from England in August 2009 on The Big Africa Cycle down west Africa

Dan Harrison set off from London in August 2009 to cycle down east Africa and will be joined by several friends en route

Tom Allen set off from England and is currently cycling around the world

Cycle Africa sees a team of 6 pedaling down Africa leaving in August 2011

Emily Chappell set off in September 2011 to cycle the world

Steve Fabes set off from London on the 5th of January 2010 to cycle the 6 continents

Elvis is the “Black man on the bike”

Riaan Manser has circumnavigated Africa by bicycle and Madagascar by kayak

Chris Venter and some friends are riding scooters up Africa in 2013

Rob Lilwall and Leon McCarron is walking home from Mongolia


Ezilon Maps has detailed road maps of all the countries and continents


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